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Frustration continues for Cleveland veteran still experiencing power outages due to tree and line issues

We first met Moses Garner in June after heavy storms left him without power. Five months later, he is still struggling with outages.

CLEVELAND — A Cleveland resident has reached out to 3News about her neighbor who is having intermittent power outages. The city has been there before, but the problem persists. 

Back in the summer, Moses Garner was having problems with trees and his power lines. Both were causing problems at his home that would leave him without power. 

The city came out and cut some trees. Cleveland Public Power rerouted some power lines. But Garner says they never finished the job. 

"I've lost a lot of food from the power being out," Garner says.

In fact, he just lost power again last Saturday. Garner's neighbor and block president Mary Keith is frustrated. She says she voted for her councilperson as well as the mayor, but still, Garner's power outage issues continue.

"You turned your back on me," Keith says of the city's elected officials. "You have nothing to say, you don't even care about this."

Keith is especially angry because Garner is a veteran. He served from 1962 to 1966, spending 14 months overseas in Korea during that period.

We reached out to Cleveland City Council President Blaine Griffin. He says he has told the Bibb administration what has been going on with Garner and his power outages. We also sent the city an email requesting that they provide assistance to Garner. 

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