CLEVELAND -- With the city this hot, everybody wants a little piece. This holiday season, you can send a little Cleveland in a Box.

In just seven days since launching, partners Nicolas Sword and Allison Tinnirello have sold 200 memories folded into cardboard. They're having Web hits in the tens of thousands, all from sentimental people near and far who love the 'Land.

"We definitely feel like we're onto something here," said Sword. "We got a feel for what they missed from Cleveland, so we tried to put it all together, and that's how we got Cleveland in a Box."

They've been developing the idea since October, and now there are two sizes, where you pick five or 10 items, then they'll ship your custom Cleveland box for free.

The clear favorite?

"The Bertman Ball Park Mustard. It has been a huge seller for us," said Sword. "Of all the things, it's been probably the most popular."

Also available to choose from are T-shirts, sports items, Humphey's popcorn balls, even Malley's, a chocolate tradition now 80 years young.

"It's all my grandfather's original recipes, so everything you buy from Malley's is the same quality today as it was in 1935," said Dan Malley, now the vice president of marketing.

He says the Malley's inspired Terminal Tower or Chandelier box -- that's all new.

"Those two boxes definitely say Cleveland," he said.

There are some smaller boxes we found that say CLE just as well.

"Cleveland Independents deck, it's a wonderful little thing packaged as a deck of cards, but instead of actual playing cards, inside there's $10 off coupons to local area restaurants," said CLE Clothing Co. Director of Operations Laura Kubinski, who can't keep the item in stock.

Her other suggestion: "T-shirts fit in boxes and they're really lightweight!"

And what about Cleveland's most infamous box? At the Christmas Story House in Tremont, the "FRAGILE" box can be purchased alongside its leg lamp.

"We do sell the leg lamps in an actual wooden crate so you can get it delivered like in the movie," said Executive Director Steve Siedlecki, "They are great gifts, but if you don't want to go that big, we do have nightlights, we have ornaments."