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'GO TEAM: ASSEMBLE!' TODAY's Al Roker welcomes 3News' Danielle Wiggins back full time after breast cancer battle

Appearing on GO! on Tuesday morning, Al Roker welcomed Danielle Wiggins back as only he can.

CLEVELAND — Following her battle with breast cancer, 3News' Danielle Wiggins is back on a full-time basis. And during his weekly appearance on GO! on Tuesday morning, TODAY's Al Roker welcomed her back as only he can.

"I am thrilled to be able to say for the first time, with joy: Go Team: Assemble!" Roker yelled with an echoing superhero-like effect. "That's right, here we go, because we've got The Wiggster, she is back. Danielle Wiggins! Yeah baby! Maureen! Holly! Dave! Danielle! Bang! Good to see you, Danielle!"

"Thank you Al, so much," Danielle replied with her signature smile. "I've been so looking forward to being back with my Go Team and all of you at the Today Show. I appreciate all of the love and support that you have shown me."

Earlier this month, Danielle provided an update on her breast cancer diagnosis, which she first made public in March. After undergoing a procedure, which went well, in April, Danielle announced on May 2 that her test results showed no need for chemotherapy and that she was cleared to slowly to return to normal life.

“My hairstylist will have to put making that wig for me on hold. Doctors say test results show no need for chemotherapy in my breast cancer treatment plan and I was cleared to slowly return to my normal life,” she wrote at the time. “Praising God that the weapon formed against me did not have the chance to prosper.”

Three days later, she was back on 3News, with Tuesday marking her first show back on a full-time basis. Welcome back, Danielle!

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