CLEVELAND -- It's back from a brief hiatus.

Your next shot at a jackpot returns to Grayton Road Tavern on May 23.

This time, there are some new rules.

Participants still must purchase a raffle ticket for $1 and there's no limit. Drawings will still take place every Wednesday night and five tickets will be pulled each week. The first ticket will have a shot at the Queen of Hearts. If the Queen is not selected, the other four will receive a prize payout based on the order it was pulled:

Ticket 2: $4,000

Ticket 3: $3,000

Ticket 4: $2,000

Ticket 5: $1,000

If the first ticket selects the Queen of Hearts, the winner receives 90 percent of the jackpot. The remaining 10 percent goes toward the next round. If the card selected is the Queen of Spades, Diamonds or Clubs, the payout is $20,000. Any other card results in a $10,000 payout.

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Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine recently ruled that the Queen of Hearts game was legal. The game fell under scrutiny after it generated widespread attention when the jackpot rose to more than $5 million in March.

Tickets for Wednesday's game can be purchased at Grayton Road Tavern, Harry Buffalo North Olmsted, Harry Buffalo Elyria, J's Skills, Lucky J's and Hooley House in Mentor and Montrose.

Learn more about the Queen of Hearts game here.

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