CLEVELAND -- It’s a labor of love. Love of self. Love of neighborhood. Love of community.

“I just was tired of looking at all the trash in the community, watching kids playing in filth and noticing how dangerous it is,” explains Andre Williams. “I just personally wanted to make a change.”

Williams got together with Sonya Terrell and decided that cleaning inner-city neighborhoods would be their mission. Soon after, the Neighborhood Love Initiative was formed with the goal of making sure children had a safe walk to school.

“When we went to East Cleveland and cleaned … I did an area that was probably about one to two square feet,” says Terrell. “I was able to fill an entire garbage bag and there was so much broken glass that we couldn’t even get it all.”

Every Wednesday between 6-8 p.m., a group of about 20-30 volunteers target different neighborhoods in the area for cleanup.

Channel 3's Tiffany Tarpley caught up with them as they were canvassing the area of East 103rd between Cedar and Quebec avenues in Cleveland, which is their stop on October 25.

“We often spend a lot of time sitting on our couches and complaining or complaining to our homegirls,” says Terrell. “Get out there and just do something, and you’ll be surprised at how many people will back you and support you and help your cause.”

The group is always looking for volunteers and donations of cleaning supplies or even food for the volunteers.

When the weather no longer permits, they will focus on providing care packages for the homeless.

For more information you can log onto their Facebook or Instagram pages.