They huddled together to hold up one of their own.

39-year-old Officer David Fahey's brothers and sisters in blue, gathering in sorrow.

Fahey's class of the 133rd Cleveland Police Academy were surrounded by others with heavy hearts.



In solidarity outside Cleveland Police's First District, where Fahey went to work Tuesday and didn't come home. His brother, Officer Chris Porter, is a Cleveland Police officer as well.

"He loved this neighborhood. He loved working for this neighborhood. He loved the city of Cleveland. He loved working for this city. Thanks so so much for your support," Porter told the crowd.

Mitchell Addy, A Sea of Blue supporter from West Park, helped rally people on social media to the vigil.

"His family, they're all officers. This is always a tough one to swallow," said Addy.

Fahey's mother and stepfather are both retired police officers.

Its hard-earned membership into an extended Sea Of Blue family held up tonight in their loss.

"We're here to show them they're not out here alone we have their back," said Addy.

"I heard about the vigil and I jumped in the truck," said Scott Snyder.

An hour away in Mantua, Scott Snyder knew there was nowhere else he could be but standing in solemn solidarity for David Fahey. "I heard about the vigil and I jumped in the truck because he didn't come home like so many others," said Snyder.

Snyder and his wife KNOW heroes.

They build Hero's Rock, rocking horses for families of fallen military and first responders all over the country. Tuesday, it was big love and honor for Officer David Fahey for being 2 heroes in one.

"He served not only in the Cleveland Police Department, he was in the Navy too. A veteran. He's done everything we could ask," says Snyder.

Addy added a message for everyone,"Stop and tell an officer thank you, because they do a thankless job."