The I-X indoor Amusement Park will reopen Wednesday with new security measures in place after fights broke out Saturday Night.

What police described as a “flash mob” and fights inside the I-X Center, resulted in five arrests; three adults arrested on weapons violations and two juveniles for rioting. Officials said no weapons were used and park officials say none were found inside, which officials credit to the metal detectors and security protocol in place.

This weekend's incident has led officials to heighten it’s security presence, adding more police officers, security guards and additional gang unit personnel.

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Some of those who had planned to attend the amusement park say this weekend's incident has changed their plans.

"I can’t have fun if I’m always looking over my shoulder," said Byron Dorsey.

Dorsey purchased a family four pack, which includes four tickets and a parking pass for $79. It’s a trip that would include his four-year-old niece and the reason why he says he’s doesn't feel comfortable attending the park right now. Dorsey said officials with the I-X Center returned his call and stated that they would issue him a refund, but they are still working out the details.

While Byron may be skipping the trip to the amusement park this time, he did note that it doesn’t mean he won’t return in the future.