It’s a game of chance, but those odds are getting slimmer.

For the 46th week in a row, there’s been no big winner in the Cleveland’s Grayton Road Tavern “Queen of Hearts” game.

So what are your chances of winning anyway?

To understand those odds, we spoke with John Carroll University’s Dr. Brendan Foreman, professor of math and computer science.

"People have been playing the numbers game for centuries,” Dr. Foreman said.

But this time, the stakes are so high that people keep playing.

Assuming there are 500,000 tickets sold and you bought one of them, you have a one in 500,000 chance in being picked.

That’s the easy part.

It gets more complicated since you have to choose the right card with the queen behind it.

Before Wednesday night’s drawing, there were eight cards. So you would take the 500,000 tickets and multiply by it by eight. That’s four million.

If you divide those two numbers, you have a .125 percent chance in winning the whole jackpot: 1.7 million dollars right now.

Your odds are better than winning in the actual lottery, but the big question for next week: is it worth it?

WATCH: Dorsena Drakeford was there for Wednesday night's drawing on WKYC's Facebook Live