CLEVELAND -- They have captured gobs of attention on social media, but all three remain nameless.

But that's where your help comes in…

The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is holding a contest to help name their trio of Asian small-clawed otter pups.

This weekend is your last chance to submit votes for names. Voting closes Sunday.

You can cast your ballot for your favorite name for all three male otters by visiting them on the second floor of the zoo's RainForest.

Asian small-clawed otters are indigenous to Asia and each of the series of names were selected to be authentic to their native region in the wild.

You can select from one of three groups of names:


Taro: first born

Keji: second born

Saburo: third born



Adhi: first

Bejo: lucky

Cipto: to create



Mulia: noble

Eko: first child

Rojo: king

The contributions as part of the naming contest will go directly towards the Future for Wildlife fund and conservation efforts in Southeast Asia.

The otters were born at the zoo on Sept. 24.