At “Run Wild CLE” workouts, nothing--including the warmup--is typical.

These free sessions pop-up at outdoor locations across the city, including Edgewater Beach and the Flats East Bank and the moves change week-to-week.

Group creator Tim Kelly bills it as a fitness movement, inspiring people to get out of their comfort zone by tapping into a community bigger than themselves.

“The more people you have around you and motivate you to keep moving, the more fun it is," he said. "The better you’re gonna do, and the more you’re gonna get out of it.”

That’s achieved by things like using silly dance moves as ice breakers, along with pairing random strangers up to complete moves from sprints to squats in tandem.

For people like Melissa Kingery, the workouts offer a different way to connect with a city on the rise.

"Just look around now," the Lakewood resident said. "This wasn't happening this time last year. I mean, there's so much activity going on, people are out enjoying all of this beauty. It's just a good place to be right now."

The group also gives back to the community, too.

Each session solicits donations for local nonprofit organizations or people.

“I feel good about working out," said Rocky River resident Anne Connelly. "But at the same time, it’s not all about me. It's about a higher purpose, helping an organization, or helping a person or family."

Learn more about the group by visiting its website.