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Longtime West Side Market vendor Maha's Falafil to close at end of December

"After 30+ years Maha’s Falafil is saying goodbye to the West Side Market. Our last day of business at the West Side Market will be December 31st."

CLEVELAND — Another long-tenured tenant at Cleveland's historic West Side Market has announced that it is shutting its doors. 

Earlier this week, Maha's Falafil announced on its Facebook page that it is closing after more than 30 years at the market. 

"After 30+ years Maha’s Falafil is saying goodbye to the West Side Market. Our last day of business at the West Side Market will be December 31st. We hope you will still come see us at our Ohio City and E 61st Dave’s Supermarket locations," said the post on Facebook.

The departure of Maha's Falafil is just the latest development in what has been a turbulent year for the 107-year-old landmark that is owned and operated by the city of Cleveland. 

Another longtime vendor, Truczyk’s Meats, announced it was closing after 36 years at the West Side Market earlier this month. 

“The city of Cleveland has failed to keep the place afloat,” owner Michael Truczyk told 3News. “They couldn't fix any of my electrical problems... they had drain problems, I would have to stand in water while I was cutting with my saw. To work under those kinds of dangerous conditions, I could lose my life.”

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Other vendors are continuing to complain that the building is not being taken care of properly. 

In October, the vendor Kate's Fish told 3News that an extension cord that had been put in as a temporary fix by the city frayed and touched the steel frame of the display case, which sent an electrical shock into one of the fish stand's employees. The city later denied responsibility for the incident.

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On Tuesday, the city of Cleveland rolled out its list of goals for the West Side Market in 2020. The vision for the new year included the improvement relationships with tenants through the tenants board, strengthening safety and security plans, and assessing online and delivery platforms to fulfill customer orders.

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“As we look forward to 2020, the City of Cleveland does not take lightly its important role as the West Side Market’s owner and operator,” said Darnell Brown, Chief Operating Officer for the City of Cleveland. “We are committed to preserving this iconic landmark for future generations and look forward to working with our valued tenants to meet our goals.”

One Cleveland councilman believes that the time has come for the city to let go of the West Side Market and let somebody else run it. Councilman Kerry McCormack tweeted that the market “should be operated by a nonprofit.”

Some colleagues and business owners agree with McCormack.

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