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Man featured in ‘Ghost Adventures’ at Franklin Castle questions his portrayal

Do you believe in ghosts?

CLEVELAND — Franklin Castle is known as one of America’s most haunted places – and it’s right here in Cleveland.

The eerie location is the latest focus of a Ghost Adventures investigation, which was featured on the Travel Channel on Thursday.

As excitement was building around the episode, a local man featured on the show is speaking out "to set the record straight" regarding his concerns with the way certain moments are being portrayed.

“I’m less than thrilled with the way they edited my responses to some questions,” Bill Krejci said on Facebook. “Not exactly happy with how they implied that the house has some dark influence over me.”

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Krejci, who was featured on the show as an author and historian, admits he hadn’t seen the entire episode yet at the time of his reaction. His response comes from an 11-minute sneak peek posted on YouTube, which you can watch at the bottom of this story.

“Completely pissed off on how they sensationalized the death of Carl H. Tiedemann Sr.,” he continued. “The only reason it was mentioned in the book was because it was a part of the family story. Not to invent a ‘curse.’ You’ll see what I mean.”

He then posted a list of time-stamped responses to specific moments within the 11-minute clip.

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