Cleveland's mayoral primary election is tomorrow, meaning the field will be narrowed down to two.

Right now, there are nine hopefuls who will appear on Tuesday's ballot. The crowded race features a handful of varying candidates, all with differing political pasts.

From incumbent Frank Jackson seeking his fourth term, to a pair of city councilmen, questions arise for all the candidates. WKYC set out to get answers to some of those questions.

Here are the nine candidates and their interviews with WKYC over the recent weeks.

Eric Brewer

Brewer, 63, has past leadership on his resume as East Cleveland's mayor from 2006-09. He is currently a business consultant. When speaking with Russ Mitchell, Brewer said his plan for the city includes adding physicians to EMS crews and implementing more mobile clinics.

Brandon Chrostowski

Chrostowski, 37, is a Detroit native running as an independent. He's a culinary expert who moved to Cleveland to take over L’Albatros Brasserie in University Circle. He founded the EDWINS Leadership and Restaurant Institute in 2013. Chrostowski told Russ Mitchell he plans to address the "troubles that plague our community."

Frank Jackson

Jackson, 70, is seeking his third reelection. If reelected, he'll be Cleveland's first mayor to serve four terms. Jackson has been endorsed by area democrats, including the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party and U.S. Rep. Marcia Fudge. See Jackson's interview with Russ Mitchell below.

Jeff Johnson

Johnson, 59, currently represents Cleveland's 10th Ward. He has a law degree and master's in political science and currently serves as part of the council's Health and Human Services, Municipal Services and Properties, Transportation and Workforce and Community Benefits committees. Johnson, a democrat, told WKYC's Chris Tye he hopes to focus on education in attempt to negate the city's violence problem.

Robert Kilo

Kilo, 42, is a republican businessman who also ran for mayor in 2009 and state rep in 2014. The Ohio University graduate has held various positions in the finance and nonprofit industries. Kilo has been endorsed by the Cuyahoga County Republican Party. Kilo told Russ Mitchell his campaign surveyed 60,000 residents, who said they want to see better service from the city.

Tony Madalone

Madalone, 32, has made himself known as Cleveland's t-shirt guru as the founder of Fresh Brewed Tees, but the Lorain native has a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a master’s in finance. Madalone, a republican running unaffiliated, told Russ Mitchell he thinks the city needs new energy and leadership that better represents the voice of the people.

Bill Patmon

Patmon, 71, is a state representative currently serving Ohio's 10th district. He previously served 12 years on Cleveland's city council and currently sits on the state Agriculture and Rural Development Committee and Ways and Means Committee. The democrat told Russ Mitchell he think he's the best-suited for the mayor's job given his experience.

Zack Reed

Reed, 56, has served Cleveland's Ward 2 for 16 years. Reed, a democrat, serves on the city's Municipal Services and Properties Committee, Workforce and Community Benefits Committee and Transportation Committee. He told Russ Mitchell he believes now is the time to run for mayor as the city's issues with violence remain as prevalent as ever.

Dyrone Smith

Smith, 42, is a newcomer to local politics hoping to take on the city's struggles with class and race. He attended Cuyahoga Community College and transferred to Cleveland State University to complete business and economics courses. Smith has not visited WKYC studios for an interview.