CLEVELAND -- Somebody allegedly snatched cash from Cleveland Browns quarterback Robert Griffin III and his girlfriend, Grete Sadeiko, at FirstEnergy Stadium during Sunday’s game against the New York Giants.

Sadeiko tweeted about the crime after the Browns lost.

“So you valet your car for a @Browns game and come back to all of you and your boyfriends money being gone from the wallets.”

Griffin re-tweeted his girlfriend’s message, but he added “Smh.”

Some fans fired back at Sadeiko questioning why they would ever leave valuables or money inside their vehicle.

“Leaving your wallets with the valet was the problem,” one person replied. “Never trust others with your valuables.”

A few hours later, Sadeiko returned to Twitter with an updated post.

“Ain’t about why we left wallets in the car. We parked in PLAYERS AND FAMILY PARKING GARAGE! I should be able to leave anything I want there.”