There's a new gallery to explore at the Cleveland Museum of Art.

It'll give you a chance to style what your grandparents and even your great grandparents were accustomed to nearly a century ago.

It's called 'The Jazz Age: American Style in the 1920s.' For some, it's a bit nostalgic. For others, an awesome look at history.

This idea came to me many, many years ago," says Stephen Harrison, curator of the Cleveland Museum of Art. "When I became a curator, I wanted to do an exhibition that explored this period of art and design."

This is the opening weekend for the exhibit at the Cleveland Museum of Art. Many people have already enjoyed the variety of pieces that you can explore.

"There are over 300 works in this exhibition," explains Harrison. "Many of which haven't been seen since the 1920's – either in private hands or long forgotten."

Some of the works were made here in Cleveland at Rose Iron Works. Others have come in from around the country for us to enjoy.

"To see them altogether, see all these works together, they begin to talk to each other and sing a real loud chorus of the jazz age," says Harrison.

You can see the exhibit on display at the museum from now until January 14, 2018. Harrison hopes people walk away with a better understanding of what this period was all about.