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New streaming series 'Figure it Out' marks upcoming launch by celebrating Cleveland roots

Featuring a local cast and crew, the 13-episode series puts Cleveland in the spotlight.

CLEVELAND — Carl Walton is a writer, actor, and filmmaker whose independent TV series. "Figure it Out," recently had a sold-out premiere at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.

"[The show] is a story within a lot of stories," Walton explained in a recent interview with 3News Contributor Chris Webb. "Our main character is Tyler, and [we follow him and] his father and his little brother, three black men trying to deal in a household with their mother passing away and a father grieving."

Featuring a local cast and crew, the 13-episode series delves into the many challenges we can face in life.

"Each character, each storyline is going through their own thing and figuring it out in their type of way, whether it's love grief, romance, and drama, and all types of things that, you know, we go through in life," he said.

And as Walton explains, another prominent character in the show is the city itself.

"I really wanted to show Cleveland in a new light. And when you see 'Figure it Out,' you'll see like the beautiful drone shots and the B-roll and people think is that Chicago? Is that another city? No, that's Cleveland, Ohio."

At just 21, Walton is already finding big screen success that reaches beyond his hometown.

"Young people can do big things. Whether it's we have help, no help, whether it's now or later, we are capable of doing these things. So I kind of wanted to set that standard," he said. "I failed many times, but I kept going. I failed for it. And after that, it just got better and better and better, more people wanted to help. And more people started to see the vision."

As a graduate from Cleveland Metropolitan School District's Cleveland School of the Arts, Walton drew from his network to keep the show creative.

"What I love about this project so much is I'm doing it with my family and my CSA family, who I came up the ranks with. And really just everybody is seeing like, wow, these are some really talented people."

"Figure it Out" will be released on the Tubi streaming platform later this year.

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