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New tenants announced as part of Tower City changes

Bedrock continues with the remodel of Tower City Center and welcomes in five new, locally owned tenants.

CLEVELAND — The revitalization of Tower City Center in downtown Cleveland continues as 5 new, locally owned tenants plan to move in.

“Basically, what we carry is going to be like the latest urban streetwear,” says Rey Saad, the district manager at 360 Clothing Studios. “We have outfits that you can get fitted as low as $50 dollars or as high as $300 dollars.”

The staff at 360 Clothing Studios is gearing up. Not only is the holiday shopping season upon us, but they’re also preparing to open their 4th location. The new branch is expected to be up and running inside Tower City Center by Black Friday.

Saad says, “What they’re doing down there, we feel is an opportunity for us to try and get in and do something with Tower City.”

CityBreaks Barbershop is also preparing to give Clevelanders a new "do" this winter when they set up chairs inside Tower City.

“When opportunity presents itself, there’s nothing better to do than seize it,” says Jeremy Hornyak, manager at Citybreaks. “It’s really cool being able to bring stuff for young people to check out and bring things to the city that are kind of unique.”

The additions of Citybreaks, Red Velvet, Feet Geeks, 360 Clothing and Styles of Imagination are some of the first steps in a planned overhaul of Tower City.

“We’re looking to activate Tower City again and bring in a whole new generation of tenants,” says Ivy Greaner, the Chief Operating Officer at Bedrock. “Then we’re in the process of evaluating what a major facelift would look like.”

In total, the makeover to downtown Cleveland’s shopping mall is being divvied up into two phases. The first consists of some building repairs, events, and adding these new tenants.

Greaner says, “The goal would be to have everybody in by Christmas. It’ll be at least 10, but we’re hoping for 15.”

The second phase is currently in planning, but they’re expecting it to be a much larger renovation taking between 12 and 18 months sometime next year. It’s a revitalization the new tenants are excited to be a part of and are hoping will bring back the once-thriving mall in downtown Cleveland.

“It was a great destination back in the day and I just think it’ll be great for the city,” says Saad.

Hornyak says, “Everything is looking how it was when it was first built, but it’s kind of revamping and turning into something new.”


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