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Northeast Ohioans share their favorite thing about Cleveland on the city's 225th birthday

What is your favorite thing about Cleveland?

CLEVELAND — Each year, July 22 marks a special day in Ohio history as the city of Cleveland celebrates its birthday! 

In honor of the city's 225th birthday today, we asked our 3News viewers on social media to share with us what their favorite thing about Cleveland is. Of course, they did not disappoint! 

"Edge water, downtown at night. Public Square, West 4th street," said Joy Marie on Facebook. 

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"Euclid ave is a vortex line should do a story about that street from millionaires row to the first rock concert to the Cleveland clinic and on and on. Amazing street that changed the world," said Facebook user Sam Phillips. 

On Instagram, one 3News viewer said that the most Cleveland thing she loves about Cleveland is shockingly "the weather!"

Ohio Congressman Anthony Gonzalez shared in the celebration Thursday afternoon, quoting 3News' tweet with his favorite thing about Cleveland. 

"Happy birthday to the #216, one of the great cities in America. And to answer your question, obviously the @Browns," Rep. Gonzalez wrote on Twitter.

So, what is your favorite thing about Cleveland? Tell us your answer in the comments section of the Instagram post below! 

Happy birthday Cleveland, we love you!

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