"Clevelanders might say they don’t have an accent, but oh-boy they really do."

At least, that's what the publication Big 7 Travel says. Don't take it as an insult, though: According to a new survey conducted by the website, the "Cleveland accent" is the 23rd sexiest in the Unites States.

The poll was conducted among Big 7's social audience of roughly 1.5 million people, and the site ranked the top 50. Apparently we "speak with hard, nasally a’s or and short o’s that sound more like an 'a'."

The "Cleveland accent" has long been a rumored phenomenon, especially with certain words like "that" (thee-yat), "spot" (spaht), or even "Cleveland" (Cleeve-laynd). Still, our accent only finished middle of the pack, with "Texan" taking the top spot.

On the bright side, we were way ahead of the "Yinzers" in Pittsburgh, who finished a distant 43rd.