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Poll worker describes "nasty" conditions at Cleveland elementary school

"Parents need to know this. That school needs to be temporarily shut down."

Just nasty.

That is how an Election Day worker recently described the conditions she saw inside a local school.

Michelle Laboo was working at Luiz Munoz Marin Elementary School in Cleveland when she noticed a toilet in the bathroom that was covered by a garbage bag with what appeared to be feces on top of it.

“Parents need to know this. That school needs to be temporarily shut down,” she said.

Laboo took video of the school with her cell phone and then shared it with local media outlets.

“That school looks like a third world country, very very poor area school with the smells, with the filth, with the dirt,” she said.

A spokeswoman with the Cleveland Metropolitan School District disagreed with Laboo's observations and shared pictures of the bathrooms on a normal day.

She admits heavy use on Election Day clogged one urinal and two toilets, but claims all of them were repaired by the next day.

Students told Channel 3 News that the restrooms were fine and so did a parent.

Yet a teacher who did not want their name used said there have been problems, claiming their classroom has only been mopped one time this year and they have had to clean it on their own.

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