CLEVELAND -- The Queen of Hearts drawing jackpot at Cleveland's Grayton Road Tavern has hit $900,000, meaning next Wednesday could mark a monumental day for one lucky winner.

If there is a winner.

This week's drawing didn't produce a winner for the $822,179 pot.

Demand is so high for tickets for next week's drawing that Grayton Road Tavern put out this note on Friday:

The three additional locations are:

J's Skills

6287 Lear Nagle Rd

North Ridgeville, Ohio 44039


Lucky J's

1219 Cooper Foster Park Rd

Amherst, Ohio 44001


Harry Buffalo

4824 Great Northern Blvd

North Olmsted, OH 44070


For those who are new to Queen of Hearts, it’s kind of like the lottery because you pay just $1 for a raffle ticket and hope for the best.

The only requirements are that you fill out your full name, phone number and the number of the card that you want pulled. The Queen of Hearts is hiding somewhere on the board and it's the player’s job to guess which one it is.

The bar gives the winner 90 percent of the winnings and the other 10 percent goes to starting the next round.

The good news: there's no cap on how big the jackpot will get.