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Sailing ships fill the skyline along Cleveland's lakefront for Tall Ships Festival

The Tall Ships Festival brings vessels both large and small to the Port of Cleveland. The festival is taking place now through July 10.

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Cleveland, your ship has come in. Actually, your tall ships. The 2022 Cleveland Tall Ships Festival is underway after Thursday's majestic Parade of Sail.

Seeing these wind-powered wonders is awe inspiring for some.

"You think about history, you think about how people circumnavigated the globe and they didn't have all the instruments and all the gadgets we have today and they still did it," says fan Shalini Singh.

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The ships were welcomed by craft both large and small as they made their way to the Cleveland Harbor wall. Those from north of the border, like the St. Lawrence II had another welcoming party: The U.S. Border Patrol. Passports ready, everyone! 

Alistair Beverley is one of the captains on this teaching vessel from Canada. "We have students on the boat from all over Canada, we have students from British Columbia, Manitoba, and we have a program that brings kids down from the high Arctic," he says.

One of those kids from the high Arctic is Ruben Qaunag, who is seeing the world from the deck of a ship. "I've learned that there's so much more out there like, that I've never seen," he says.

Ruben says the lure of the high seas has him hooked. "One day, I'll be a captain," he predicts. 

The 2022 Cleveland Tall Ships Festival is taking place now through Sunday. Check out our complete guide here.

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