Mary Flood has had a difficult year.

First, her home caught fire, forcing her to move-in with family.

Then, she learned a neighbor murdered a neighbor and dismembered the body two doors down.

And then in September, a friend clearing out her backyard discovered a skeleton near her garage.

On Wednesday, she learned it belonged to a 4-year-old boy.

“I’m hoping that someone sees his picture and maybe finds the child and finds out who it really is,” she said.

Police released a sketch of what the boy may have looked like in the hope the public can help.

“We want to identify this young child and find out what happened to him,” Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams said.

Investigators say they have no record of a missing person matching the boy’s description. They cannot say how he died or even his race with certainty.

Police believe he disappeared in the spring and his body was left at the home on Longmeade Avenue for a few months.

The medical examiner said it marks only the second time in recent memory they have been unable to identify a victim.

From what they can tell, the boy was in generally good health before he died.