There's a brand news, state-of-the-art youth development center in Cleveland, and the sport at the heart of it? Squash, a cross between tennis and raquetball.

The new Urban Squash center on West 47th St. and Lorain Ave. includes four courts, classrooms for 60 students, and boys and girls locker rooms. But why a center focusing on the sport?

"Squash, in terms of organization, is the...vehicle for our children," Executive Director Iago Corne said. "It helps our kids become passionate about a sport. It's a life-long sport, low risk of injury, and it also helps them open doors into high schools and colleges."

"It's not like the other raquet sports where you can see [the opponent] over a net," former world champion Nick Matthew told us. "Your having that dynamic of two people sort of invading their own space. So a little bit like boxing (without the punching), and a little bit like chess. You've got that mix of everything."

The facility charges nothing for casual play, and you can become a member for $50 a month or enjoy the same perks by volunteering at least eight hours per month. Clinics and private lessons are also available.