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Tim Lewis is helping Cleveland to 'Love Sustainably' one event at a time

Tim Lewis is on a mission to not only highlight local businesses, but bridge the gap between them.

CLEVELAND — Many people think that good news is hard to come by. That positive movements or businesses are the ones that fail to flourish, but Tim Lewis is on a mission to not only highlight these businesses but bridge the gap between them through his non-profit Love Sustainably. Tim says it's all about banding together.

"Love Sustainably is a community resource focused around sustainability of community, not just environment," he explained. "With all the different things that Love Sustainably is attached to - whether it's the food giveaways whether it's dealing with exonerees, the overwhelming thing that they all share is just being a good human."

For Tim, his love for Cleveland goes deep.

"The love really comes from the lack when you understand what you don't have you almost try to like find those resources," he said. "So I'm knocking on doors and I'm canvassing as an individual. My Mr. Rogers approach of who are the people in your neighborhood."

And from his grassroots approach, Tim has been able to connect, collaborate, and build organic relationships with local companies and organizations and turn those relationships into a database for collaborative sharing of resources and mutual advancement. Tim says, his goal is to bring resources to many positive Northeast Ohio endeavors - including the new, state of the art, Sunbird Studios & Technology.

"This is one of the resources that I was able to transition from a relationship to a resource," Tim said. "I met the owner and the vision that he had was a shared vision on trying to bring an impact and change to the music scene and entertainment scene here in Cleveland, Ohio."

Tim's connections abound throughout the Northeast Ohio neighborhoods - he helped Euphoria Lanes, one of just six or seven Black-owned bowling alleys in the country, as well as Comma Club clothing. Founder Ruel Seller says Tim's reach has made the difference. 

"We can unite and do good. We don't [have] to be against each other," he explained.

"There's money in these communities, but we don't have a lot of things presented to be able to just let people know these resources are available," Tim said. 

Out of Tim and Ruell's connection, an organic initiative began called A Taste of Freedom which is a series of community talks and a food tour for exonerees. While every relationship its needs and its people are different, Tim's goal always remains the same.

"I see everything really clicking and coming together from the standpoint of really being able to revitalize a healthy economic ecosystem. So LOVE is actually an acronym - learn, operate, value, expand."


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