North Ridgeville — By the light of day, it was clear what had happened in the dark of the early morning hours on Sunday.

“I'm so frustrated. I can't even look at it! It’s a brand new car," said Chrissy Burt, standing in front of the spiderweb of crunched glass that used to be her windshield.

The big ol’ stone still sits there on the hood like insult to injury on Wil-Lou in North Ridgeville.

Parked right there on the street in front of her home where someone smashed in the windshield of the car so new, Burt was only 2 payments in.

"My husband and I both work full time jobs. I was so excited to get this car. So excited it's mine. We work our butts off. Thanks. Thanks guys! Thank you," she says to the vandals she refers to as “punks”.

"Mine went straight through," Mikey Richmond says, pointing to the hole that used to be his back window.

Richmond, a Senior football player at North Ridgeville High school says his car was in his driveway ABOUT 2 MILES AWAY on Rhonda drive when the entire back window was smashed out. Again the stone that smashed through is still there.

"The police officer said the rocks are the same. Same type of rocks. The car was parked all the way up the driveway so they would have had to get out of their car. purposely throw the rock at the car and run back to their car for no apparent reason," says Richmond.

Neither household heard a thing.

None of them know each other.

No one can make sense of it.

"WHY? It's so random," says Burt.

Even at 7 years old, her son Danny knows better.

"I just think it’s awful. These people are mean and not nice," Danny says turning to look at his mom’s damaged car.

North Ridgeville police, speaking directly to whoever did it with a Facebook post that matter of factly warns….Turn yourself in, or else.

It reads in part,

“You know what infuriates us? When hard working people spend their hard earned money on nice things and someone comes along with no other purpose than to destroy what people have worked hard for.

We'll get video of you. And when we do we will put you on blast on social media. Believe that. We may not catch you today. Maybe not tomorrow, but we will. Come clean now before it comes knocking on your door.”

"Nothing was stolen either,” Richmond points out.

“I was surprised. I have that expensive radio in there, even. It was vandalism for the sake of being vandals. I think whoever did it should find a way to make your own money and then come back here and pay for my car," Richmond said.