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WATCH | Mike Polk Jr. does it again with 'Cleveland tourism' All-Star parody video: ‘Still not Detroit’

'Factory of Sadness' no more.
Credit: Mike Polk Jr.

CLEVELAND — Comedian Mike Polk Jr. -- the newest member of the WKYC family -- has another hilarious hit on his hands with a fresh “Cleveland tourism” video.

He put this latest parody together at the request of ESPN in honor of the MLB All-Star Game at Progressive Field.

It’s a 48-second jingle that pokes fun at the infamous burning river, our love of corned beef, the Cleveland script signs and Northeast Ohio's lengthy cold weather.

Watch it HERE:

Here are the lyrics:

Welcome to new Cleveland town, everyone.

No river fires for over 50 years.

Our hearts are swelling with pride and plus corned beef.

We all wear T-shirts to prove we like living here. 

This building’s no longer haunted by sadness [FirstEnergy Stadium].

We win a title about every century.

We now have more breweries than citizens.

We put up signs to remind us where we live.

We added bars and we legalized gambling.

Now we’re like Vegas, but cold 10 months a year.

Welcome to Cleveland, you Major League All-Stars.

Spend all your money and have fun while you’re here.

It could be worse, you could in Detroit!




Still not Detroit!


And in case you've never seen it, here's his legendary "Factory of Sadness" video about the Cleveland Browns that has accumulated millions of views: