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This coast-to-coast group is made up of only female Cleveland Browns fans

There are more than 600 members and counting!

CLEVELAND — Sunday was an emotional night for Browns fans everywhere.

But for one group, in particular, there are no men allowed.

Of course, many people know about the Browns Backers, which is one of the largest sports fan clubs in the world. What fewer people may know about is that there is also a fan base made up entirely of women.

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They call themselves the "Cleveland Browns Women’s Group." The 600-plus members come from all over the country, and many could give even the best sportscasters a run for their money when it comes to Browns football.

On Sunday, 3News caught up with two members who are die-hard fans who connected with the group via Facebook about two years ago. They say they were sick of commenting on pages which were dominated by men and getting lip in return.

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"We mouthed back, and we finally just got tired of it and we know what we are talking about," Anastasia Meadors said. "We don’t always need to be told, 'Women don’t know football' when I think some of us know more than the men, but whatever."

Gina Pillarelli is such a huge fan of Jarvis Landry that she has a tattoo of him.

"Some people love music, some people love cars," she said. "I, myself am a huge Browns fanatic. I wear my Browns clothes 365 days a year."

The group can be found on Facebook and is happy to accept new members.

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