Autumn is here, and along with the pumpkins and mums of the Fall harvest, are the dreaded stink bugs.

Lenna Black works at Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens. The harmless, non-native bugs hang out there.

"Keeping windows closed helps," she says, "but they can hide almost anywhere."

The little stinkers don't care if you live in a mansion, or a nature center. They just want to come in and get warm.

"Windows and doors are the biggest things. You have to look at your screens to see if there are any holes in them, "says Summit Metroparks naturalist Janeane Kazmir.

Hudson Drive Hardware in Cuyahoga Falls is busy thanks to the bugs.

"We do quite a few screens and try to get them in and out in two to three days," says Greg Wickiser from Hudson Drive Hardware.

"I had a guy in here from Monroe Falls two or three days ago and he says his house was virtually covered by stink bugs."

Greg was able to fix the screens while he waited.

So block up those entry points the best you can, and remember, they are called stink bugs for a reason!

"They don't smell pleasant," exclaims Black.

For another way to discourage stink bugs, you can spray a homemade, environmentally friendly solution of 1 liter warm water and a half to ¾ cup of Dawn dishwashing liquid. Spray around windows and doors for best results.