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Airbnb homeowner suffers thousands of dollars in damage after tenant party

A homeowner, who asked to remain nameless, listed a room on Airbnb, not expecting to host hundreds of people for the night.

A first-time Airbnb user has to clean up thousands of dollars in damage after his renter is accused of throwing a destructive New Year's Eve party.

The homeowner listed a room on Airbnb, not expecting to host hundreds of people for the night.

"Oh my gosh,” he said. “That wasn't a thing that I expected."

The room was listed for $40 dollars with a five-person maximum, but he said he was surprised when people starting showing up in droves.

"I was in my room when I heard the crazy music sounds going on and when I came out from my room, the entire house was stagnated by them,” he said.

According to the Seven Hills police report, the party drew hundreds of people, many of them in rooms and crowding the staircase.

There was so many people that police said they couldn't get their cruisers to the house, it was blocked by so many cars.

For the sheer amount of people at this advertised “banger,” the police reported they had to call in additional departments because they were outnumbered.

Broadview Heights, Parma, Brooklyn Heights and Independence all sent one or more officers to help escort people off the property.

“There was a growing amount of yelling and swearing with anti-police comments,” the police report stated.

"I expected his family and girlfriend just coming over and having a small party or something, not (sigh),” the homeowner said.

At one point, “approximately five large black males confronted (the homeowner) and began pushing him and threatening him because they believed Lee had called the police,” the police report stated.

The homeowner said his main concern wasn't necessarily his safety, it was his home that was just cleaned and painted six months ago.

“I'm safe, I'm okay and I didn't really get any physical damage on me,” he said. “I'm fine.”

The thousands of dollars he was quoted to fix his home, not okay.

"It's estimated $3,600 dollars,” he said. “The carpet specialist just came today and said the replacing carpet would be $8,000 dollars."

To enter the home, police said they had to come through the garage because there were so many people blocking the front door.

When the partiers left, they allegedly left a mess for him to clean.

The next day, police returned to finish their report.

“There were still many empty or half empty bottles of alcohol strewn across his front yard,” the police report stated. “There were several pieces of fake “weave” hair in different places, broken glass in several places and random trash.”

The homeowner said that was only half of the trash he had to clean from his carpet and walls.

“Not only throw up, there was chewing gum on the floor,” he said. “I had to take that out, blood, cigarettes."

Police also reported smelling fresh and burnt marijuana and witnessing numerous underage drinkers, but he said he didn't sign up for any of that.

“I told him that you guys could smoke and drink but not like that,” he said. “Not like 200 people drinking and smoking together on my property.”

He said he's started the process of filing a claim with Airbnb to get his money back for repairs to his home; he was ultimately charged with Noise Disturbance and will have to appear in court this month.

The suspect who threw the “banger,” will be charged with Disorderly Conduct and multiple charges related to underage drinking.