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Amazon worker at Euclid facility wins $500,000 through company's 'Max Your Vax' program

"I was so excited, I just started thanking God because this is a blessing and a miracle to me."

EUCLID, Ohio — One Northeast Ohio Amazon worker from the Euclid facility is having quite the week after finding out that she won half a million dollars for getting her COVID-19 vaccine.

The worker, who asked to be identified as just "Arnita," tells 3News Photojournalist Kelly Matter that she was working overtime last week when her boss confronted her, asking her to come down to the conference room. 

Arnita originally thought something was wrong, but she says that her manager quickly assured her that wasn't the case. 

As they arrived in the conference room, Arnita was on a Facetime call with a manager who was out of the office and asked her if she remembered entering Amazon's "Max Your Vax" program, used to incentivize employees into getting their COVID-19 vaccine. 

The worker then said that the managers told her that she was one of the winners of the nationwide contest. Arnita says she immeadiately felt excited by the news, even before finding out how much she had won. 

"And she told me, '$500,000'" Arnita said. "I just started crying. I was so excited, I just started thanking God because this is a blessing and a miracle to me. I never would have thought that. I'm like, 'me? Are you sure you have the right person?'" Arnita added.

Arnita said when she first got her vaccination she was mixed with emotions and wasn't sure about it, but her friend convinced her to get vaccinated.

The pandemic was hard on Arnita, she had to pull out money from her 401k retirement just to make things work, along with filing for unemployment at the time.

So what does she want to do with the money? 

Arnita is planning to buy a house, a new car, and enjoy some Friday night seafood.

"That was the most exciting, blissful, amazing day of my life so far."


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