Cleveland-based American Greetings has issued an apology for its 'Baby Daddy' card and will pull them from store shelves ahead of Father’s Day.

The front of the card simply said “Baby Daddy” and featured an African-American couple.

Photo: American Greetings

That didn't sit well with many customers, some of whom reached out to Target, where many of the cards were sold:

One person wrote on Twitter that the card is “an insult to black fathers and a slap in the face to the African-American community as a whole.” Another tweeted, “what in the microaggression racism is this?”

Others reached out via Twitter to American Greetings directly:

American Greetings has pledged to stop selling the cards at all retailers, including Target.

"This particular card was created for, and addressed to, a loving husband — which the inside copy makes clear," American Greetings said in a statement. "However, we now see that the front page, taken out of context, can communicate an unintentional meaning that we are strongly against perpetuating and is not consistent with our company purpose and values. We should do better in the future, and we will. We have notified our store merchandisers to remove the card from the shelves and apologize for any offense we’ve caused."

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