A west side suburb appears to want to “go Dutch” on a public improvement plan, while homeowners say it could break the bank.

The “Sunset” neighborhood is a community of 45 homes in Bay Village between Lake Road and Lake Erie.

This year, it turned 100 and residents say they need improvements to their sewers, gas lines and roads, which have potholes.

Resident Rob Nelson said another problem is frequent flooding, while Jim Marcony points out their taxes are far from cheap.

“I’m paying outrageous amounts,” he said. “I pay enough.”

But soon they may have to pay more, because the city has a $3 million-dollar plan to fix the problems and wants to essentially split that cost through a new assessment.

Jeff Foster says his would be about $65,000, with the average being around $40,000. Some residents could come close to the six-figure mark, paid out over 20 years.

“I like to think of it as I have two young daughters. This is basically their college education to pay for this assessment,” Foster said.

Bay Village Mayor Paul Koomar declined an on-camera interview Thursday, but said he is looking at state and government programs to help with the payment. On Saturday, he will meet with residents.

Some are worried the assessment could set a precedent.

“Nobody should have to contemplate this scenario,” resident Eric Ripley said, pointing out that Bay Village’s Cahoon and Longbeach communities face problems similar to his. “It’s a little bit ridiculous.”