Heaps of garbage have been sitting on the side of a main thoroughfare in Cleveland for months. It’s an eyesore for commuters who pass the area every single day and for people who work nearby.

The 3900 block of Broadway Avenue near I-77 is full of drivers at rush hour. It’s also full of trash.

The fence that separates Broadway from I-77 is a catch-all for litter. Items big and small line the road, some – literally blowing in the wind. It has looked like that for months.

“Coming into work every day and seeing a bunch of garbage, it’s not right,” said Neal Hager. He has worked across the street at United Truck and Car Wash for six years. He says the city has cleaned up the garbage a few times over the years, but it collects again quickly.

After watching an old mattress deteriorate for weeks, Hager and a few guys removed it themselves and threw it in a dumpster. They hope the city takes action soon and begins maintaining the area periodically.

“I’d like to see it cleaned up,” said Hager. “It’s our city. We need to keep up on it.”

The City of Cleveland tells WKYC they weren’t aware of the mess. They say no one had reported it to them.

The city assessed the area after WKYC reached out to them. The city said they planned to clean it up on Thursday morning. We reported on their progress during our WKYC Channel 3 news at 6:00 p.m.:

Mayor Jackson’s office has a place where you can direct any question, concern or complaint. You can reach the Mayor’s Action Center by calling 664-2900 or clicking here.