The city of Lakewood discussed changes to its animal control ordinances on Monday night that would bring an end to a controversial pit bull ban and add new regulations for dog owners.

In an email sent to members of the city council, Mayor Mike Summers said the breed ban would effectively end immediately, and he does "not see the merits of enforcing a feature we are likely to eliminate in the near future."

The pit bull ban made local headlines late last year, when Jennifer Scott's pit bull Charlie was ordered to leave the city after Scott failed to sway officials at a hearing. Residents protested the decision, and Scott threatened to file a lawsuit.

The new changes would lift the ban, but include new restrictions on pit bulls and other breeds such as American bulldogs and canary dogs. Those include a requirement of secure restraints both on and off-premises, a requirement to muzzle the dogs while walking them, and a limit of one such dog per household.

Dog Ordinance- Proposed Changes Summary 1-2-18 by on Scribd

The muzzle requirement has stirred some controversy, but Mayor Summers said in the email this is in line with similar policies in communities like Rocky River. He also cited a requirement in Lakewood's law that requires all muzzles to allow the dogs to breath, drink, and eat.

WKYC Channel 3 was at Monday's city council meeting, which was tense at times. You can watch our coverage from Facebook Live below: