The Cleveland Police Department has located the mother of a child found wandering the streets of Cleveland, Sunday. 

The child's mother is currently being questioned by investigators. 

Police say the 3-year-old girl was found wandering the streets in the area of E. 124th Street and Locke Avenue around 11:30 p.m..

Nancy Algee, a witness, says she was walking her dog at the time when a woman told her she found the girl later identified as Destiney.

She says the young girl did not have on any socks, shoes or a coat.

Algee says the woman, who has not been identified, asked her and other people in the neighborhood if they the knew the girl, but no one did.

The unidentified woman was driving a black Lincoln SUV with a male passenger and 1-year-old inside when they grabbed Destiney and took off.

"First thing going through my mind was y'all kidnapping that little girl," she said.

Algee called police because she was concerned for the young girl's life, but when she did, she says the woman and man later identified as Raymond Wright came back, attacked her, her 12-year-old daughter and dog.

"He kicked me right in my face," she said. 

Algee believes the two were drunk at the time of the incident. 

Cleveland police tell us Wright has been charged with felonious assault, kidnapping and animal cruelty. It's unclear what charges the woman face and if it she was the child's mother. 

Algee says she was just trying to do the right thing. 

"Because you know a lot of kids be coming up missing around here."

Destiney was taken to a local hospital for an examination and was released. She was placed in the care of social workers with the Cuyahoga County Division of Children and Family Services.

After locating the child's mother, her 1-year-old son was also removed from her care and placed in the custody of DCFS with Destiny. He is also being medically examined.

Both children will remain in foster care Sunday evening, despite family members coming forward offering to care for the children. 

DCFS is set to meet with the children's mother for an assessment, Monday morning.