Brodie and Fiona are friendly little West Highland White Terriers living in Lakewood who would not harm anyone.

But this morning, harm came their way.

“We heard a scream,” their owner Barb Mehle said. “There was a coyote chasing them like they were two little bunny rabbits.”

Brodie was bitten.

The family lives near Lakewood Park, where Mehle said she has seen coyotes in the past, yet never so close.

Though her husband scared the coyote off by yelling and though her dogs will be OK, she worries that someone else’s pet may be next.

“Everyone needs to be very aware,” Mehle said. “There’s a lot of dogs in this neighborhood, there’s a lot of walkers that walk their dogs late at night, first thing in the morning.”

Animal control officers are concerned too, which is why they set out traps Monday.

“Keep an eye on your dog or your cat, especially if they’re out in the yard,” warned Captain Gary Stone with the Lakewood Police Department.

He adds that coyotes generally avoid people and their pets.

For some reason, however, they are now acting bolder. Mehle said the one that entered her yard jumped a 4 ½ foot fence to get in.

She said she notices them most whenever it gets close to trash day and people leave out their garbage.