After Robert Godwin Sr. was shot and killed by Steve Stevens and the video was uploaded on Facebook, Several members of Godwin’s family expressed dismay that the whole world watched as Robert passed away from this life.

Wednesday, the mother of Godwin’s youngest children, Angela Small, is taking that feeling of shock, dismay and public pain one step further.

Her attorney, Shaun Whitehead, plans to travel to Washington DC July 6, to publicly push for filtering all videos before they ever appear on Facebook.

“If I go to the Cavs game to see LeBron play…Facebook is able to tell that I’m at Quicken loans Arena , but they’re not able to tell that there’s a murder that just happened in the middle of the street in Cleveland, that’s absurd and we want to fix that,” Whitehead told WKYC’s Hilary Golston.

“To be clear, you’re talking about in some ways a filter delay on everything that would be posted on Facebook?” Golston asked.

“If possible,” White head replied.

Whitehead said a filter delay would be one of the “solutions” he would submit in a report to Congress after he hopes he could testify before lawmakers.

“They have a 2 billion person platform in which they basically are media now and they provide content,” Whitehead argues. “Congress needs to step up, the judicial branch needs to step up.”

Whitehead said the video was online for approximately one hour and forty-five minutes, but Facebook says the video was taken down 23 minutes after the social media juggernaut was first notified of it. “That’s enough time to get from Cleveland to Pennsylvania which is what Steve Stephens, the killer, was able to do.”

Facebook Co-Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg publicly sent his condolences to the Godwin family. In May after Godwin’s killing and other incidents of violence popped up on Facebook, Zuckerberg posted that the company planned to add 3,000 people in “community operations” to more quickly review “reported” posts.

Small says her children Terell Godwin, 11, and Marsean Godwin, 8, saw some of the video.

“I tried to stop them… they broke away from me,” Small said. “They seen him laying there… they seen him laying on the ground.”

Whitehead says he will travel to Washington DC to meet with members of Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan’s staff.

He hopes he can raise enough money to bring Small along.