Cleveland — Ashley Summers would be 25-years-old now.

She is the 14-year-old who disappeared on Cleveland's west side.

It was June 2007.

"She was known to be here a lot and so we wanted to take an extra look,” said FBI Special Agent Vicki Anderson outside a home where Ashley’s family once rented on Holmden Ave.

On Thursday evening, FBI agents newly named to the case and Cleveland police detectives were searching hands on, intensely focused in the back of the home on Holmden.

"The search has nothing to do with the people who live here now. They have a lot of belongings so we brought in a UHaul to hold their things while we take a look at the landscape there at the residence," said Anderson.

More than a decade after her disappearance, the home on Holmden is the latest move after the FBI announced a “case review and interview surge” in the Ashley Summers case.

"It brings a lot of hope that we might actually have some answers as to where she is," said Ashley’s step-grandmother, Linda Summers.

Summers said the FBI interviewed her Thursday morning and that other family members were also re-interviewed earlier this week.

"I think it might be because of the ”Disappeared” episode that had Ashley’s disappearance story on the Discovery ID. I found it fascinating there were people who saw her that we didn't know saw her right around the time she disappeared,” said Summers.

"We've always had this case open since she disappeared in 2007. These are new investigators that have been assigned for the last few months they have really taken it apart. You know maybe we will jog some memories," said Anderson.

"It’s just a rollercoaster of emotions over the years and you start to wane a bit on your hope, is it possible? Is she still alive, or not,” said Summers.