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WATCH | Firefighters burn dual rooms in Valley View to show importance of sprinklers

The demonstration is designed to show the critical value of fire sprinklers to contain fire in their early stages to save lives

VALLEY VIEW, Ohio — Area firefighters are trying to get the word out about the importance of having sprinklers available at businesses to keep lives and property safe. 

On Wednesday, firefighters from the North Eastern Ohio Fire Prevention Association in conjunction with Pipefitters Local 120, the Mechanical Contractors Association, and numerous fire sprinkler contractors hosted a day long fire sprinkler seminar for 125 local fire safety inspectors. 

The highlight of the seminar was the burning of two fully furnished 8’ x 8’ rooms.  One room contained a fire sprinkler and the other did not. The demonstration showed the sprinkler activate within 47 seconds to start putting out the flames. 

Organizers believe the fire demonstration is vital to show the critical value of sprinklers to contain fire in its early stages to save lives, protect property, and protect communities.  

The Federal Government is providing a tax incentive to install fire sprinklers which can be found in Section 179 of the passed tax reform legislation (P.L. 115-97) for up to $1 million in fire protection. 

Firefighters are seeking to spread the message of the importance of installing fire sprinklers to business leaders across Ohio to make our communities safer.

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