CLEVELAND — What is a dog’s life worth to you?

For one local group, it is worth months of waiting, thousands of dollars, and a trip around the globe.

On Thursday, a representative from Northeast Ohio-based “Safe Harbor Rescue” will travel to Chicago to pick up and bring home two Shiba Inus.

The dogs, named Sasha and Simba, were once slated to be butchered for their meat.

Instead, the China-based, not-for-profit “Plush Bears” purchased the dogs and flew them to the United States this week.

Eating dog remains a divisive issue in Asia, where in some parts, the meat serves as a traditional dish. An annual summer solstice festival in China even features it.

But in recent years, the international community has become outspoken. Activists raid slaughterhouses and even intercept truckloads of dogs when they can.

This week, Sasha and Simba will go to a local veterinarian for a checkup. From there, they will be placed in foster homes to become more socialized.

They will then be up for adoption to a loving home.