BRUNSWICK, Ohio -- Ansir Junaid is passionate about finding solutions.

He founded Prime Woodcraft Incorporated in the late 1990s, and sold Amish-made shipping pallets to retailers. But once the items were on the shelves, the empty packaging was piling up in the back of the stores.

Junaid saw another solution.

"Let us buy all your scrap and we will repair it and send it back to you. We bought all that product back and the next thing we know we are recycling for them."

Now major retailers like Home Depot, Giant Eagle, Walmart and others get money for their shipping waste, rather than it being an expense. Prime makes money recycling the waste into shipping material while becoming a global company.

"We are fortunate enough to bring value to ourselves and also our customers, but still help the environment."

Putting profit in sustainability, the goal is to reduce the carbon footprint to their customers. And a company with a mission is a good thing for finding talented employees.

Junaid wants those entering the workforce to stay in Northeast Ohio. To achieve that goal, Prime's new offices in Solon feature open workspaces and a team environment.

"When they get up, they want to know, why do they get up and why do they work for a company. Do they have a purpose? Does the company have a purpose? Are they giving back to the society?"

Today, recycling is facing challenges. Markets like China, have stopped buying our paper and plastic waste.