May 6, 2017 marks 4 years since The Miracle in Cleveland.

Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight, finally freed from inside that house of horrors on Seymour Avenue.

The families of Tierra Bryant and Ashley Summers are still holding on to hope from that hard to believe happy ending 4 years ago.

Two years after 'The Seymour Avenue 3' were freed, Isaac Carr's niece, 19-year-old Tierra Bryant went missing.

It was March 30, 2015.

That’s the last time Bryant was seen at a Middleburg Heights hotel.

There were disturbing text messages from Bryant to a friend. When the friend shows up to help, there was no sign of Tierra Bryant.

"We just keep praying," says Carr.

Tierra, a Shaker Heights High School grad would be 21 years old now. Just more than a month ago marks 2 years since she went missing. 

Middleburg Heights police and the FBI are fielding several tips and leads, but still no answers .

"We’re hopeful she is alive. A lot of people had written Amanda and Michelle and Gina off and here they are alive and doing well. You just have to hold out HOPE," says Carr.

HOPE is the word that binds Tierra Bryant’s family to Ashley Summers’ family.

Linda Summers has been waiting almost 10 years for granddaughter Ashley Summers to come home.

Ashley would be 24 years old in June. She was just 14 when she disappeared in Cleveland near W. 196th Street and Madison Avenue in 2007.

July 2017 marks 10 years gone.

"You hear about other people being found, you get your hope up, then you hear about bodies being found and your hopes go down.  It’s just a roller coaster ride," says Linda Summers.

But for Linda Summers there is big hope in 3 survivors, Gina, Amanda and Michelle.

"That’s why we are keeping the word out there. That’s what helped them through. Amanda said that in her book and Gina, they both said that is what kept them going. Knowing their families were out there looking for them. We’re hoping that helps Ashley too. We want her home," says Summers.