STRONGSVILLE, Ohio -- A local family is thankful to be safe after carbon monoxide filled their home.

The odorless and colorless gas is potentially deadly.

“My anxiety went through the roof for while after that just thinking about how close it was,” explains Lindsay Pempin. “We thought we did everything right. We moved into the house three years ago and had a full inspection. We installed a new CO detector when we moved in and that can quickly go bad.”

Their older furnace had a leak.

Lindsay was the first to feel sick, followed by her husband hours later and then their 4-year-old son Jaxson. The heating vents in 1-year-old Lincoln’s room were closed.

“I couldn't get off the bathroom floor, my ear was ringing. I’ve never felt so sick,” says Lindsay. “My head was hurting.”

Michael says he noticed something was wrong when he got into the shower. “I got really dizzy. I had to get out and I laid down,” he explains. “It felt like it was raining outside and I heard like raining in my ear.”

The Pempin Family got out of the home and Michael’s mother called emergency crews. Now they have more expensive CO detectors wired to the home and from now on they will get yearly furnace inspections.

“I want everyone to know that this could happen and we’ve heard stories since that haven’t had the same good ending we’ve had,” says Lindsay. “It’s preventable if you have the right tools.”