Pulling down someone’s pants at a football game may sound a like a typical high school prank. Only in this case, the person pulling the pants was the district superintendent.

It happened during a football game in August while surveillance cameras were rolling.

Maple Heights Superintendent Dr. Charlie Keenan can be seen “pantsing” a member of the school board who was leaning on a fence on the field.

“I should not have done it,” Dr. Keenan said. “Clearly the end result, which was his pants came off his hip, was not what I intended.”

The board decided to suspend Keenan for 10 days without pay.

“I own the responsibility for what happened. It was a terrible mistake,” he said.

Yet it was not his first questionable call.

A Maple Heights mom complained 3 years ago when she could not afford her son’s $400 summer tuition and claimed Keenan kept her ring as collateral and made her sign a contract.

He later admitted he had done that “a handful of times” and was “trying to help this family,” stressing it was not collateral.

The next year, police in Columbia County say they found Keenan slumped over a steering wheel along State Route 334.

Charged with OVI, he later pleaded guilty to a lesser charge.

Maple Heights Board of Education President Pamela Poindexter-Crews points out that incident happened on his personal time, however, and that despite his past, kids still look up to him.

“Dr. Keenan has been a very good superintendent in our district and has worked very hard,” she said.