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What are 'Distracted Driver Enforcement Areas?'

New signs went up across Northeast Ohio this week

CLEVELAND — A new message went up on ODOT signs this week: “Distracted Driver Enforcement Area.”

Are they checkpoints? Are there hidden cameras?

Sgt. Ray Santiago with the Ohio State Highway Patrol explained.

“We are going to have an increased presence where there’s troopers on those routes,” Sgt. Santiago said. “We’re hoping to make an impact to decrease traffic fatalities and injuries.”

They are hoping to prevent accidents such as the one that damaged their cruiser Friday morning, when a driver lost control near I-90 in Lakewood and struck the cruiser’s door.

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No one was hurt.

According to ODOT, drivers are 30% likelier to be texting or using an app during the holidays.

Should you see a driver behaving badly, you can dial #677 from your phone to be connected to a nearby dispatcher who can send someone to help.

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