Rain nor wind nor snow can stop the mail, but apparently turkeys can!

The sound of birds echoes through the air here on Edgewood Drive in Rocky River. All kinds of 'em

Even the calls of wild turkeys. They've been in the neighborhood for over a year now, stopping cars all of the time.

Residents say these wild turkeys are big. If you're not a wildlife person, you could be intimidated by them real easy. The birds have been giving local postal carriers grief. Some people have had to pick up mail at the post office thanks to these wild turkeys.

The City of Rocky River has sent letters to 180 homes in the area, asking people to take down bird feeders in hopes the birds will leave.

City of Rocky River sends letter to residents about wild turkeys by WKYC.com on Scribd

Resident Michael Craig disagrees.

"Feeding the birds has nothing to do with these turkeys," he says. They're territorial, they roost there and they're going to keep roosting there. I don't want to get anyone's feathers ruffled, but to me, they don't bother a soul."

WATCH: Carl Bachtel has more on the wild turkey invasion of Rocky River on WKYC's Facebook Live: