Imagine hiring a company to load all of your belongings into a moving truck, driving across the country and never receiving your items upon arrival. That’s what happened to one man who relocated from Mississippi to Euclid. Now he’s taking action against the company he hired.

The tour of Moscellious Morgan’s new apartment is short. There’s not much to see. Pan-American Relocation Services was supposed to deliver his things more than a month ago.

“I’ve been calling and calling. They’ve been telling me that, ‘We gonna deliver it in five days, ten days’ and then they stop talking to me period,” he said.

Morgan paid the company $847 down and gave the driver $700 when he loaded the truck in Mississippi on May 18. Morgan was told the truck had to make a stop in Pennsylvania first, but his things would arrive within five days.

“I feel like they ripped me off and cheated me,” he told us.

Morgan had a three-bedroom house full of items: beds, linens, kitchen supplies, a deep freezer, an exercise bike, clothes, winter coats and shoes specially made for his feet – he’s diabetic.

He’s bought a few essential items like a small coffee pot and a shower curtain, but he can’t afford to refurnish his whole apartment. He’s sleeping on an air mattress.

“It’s really getting to me now, my back and everything and my legs,” he said.

Pan-American Relocation Services out of Amherst, New York is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau, but it scores a B+ on the BBB website with 11 negative customer reviews out of 42 total.

The company has changed names several times and is actually a moving broker which means they hire out the work to other companies or individuals.

When we contacted Pan-American Relocation Services they told us the delay is due to a truck malfunction and Morgan’s items are in storage in Mobile, Alabama. They wouldn’t give an estimated day of delivery, but said it’s an issue they’re working to resolve.

Morgan filed a police report and contacted a lawyer. He says he'll sue for his things if he has to. He wants to warn others about his experience.

“I want people to know how they did me so other people can look out for them and this won’t happen to anybody else,” he said.