There has been a sad national trend since the Florida shooting last week, with a rise in copycat threats of violence across the country and at home.

In recent days there have been threats at schools in Alliance, Green, and most recently at Willoughby South High School.

Ken Trump has written three books and hundreds of articles on school violence and says it is normal to have “spinoff threats” following high-profile shootings and that “it can take some time” for them to stop.

“Most will turn out not to be credible, but nobody wants to be the one that’s the serious threat,” he said.

Trump stresses parents should have conversations with school officials about their plans and resources but that it is just important to talk to kids.

“The people who can spot the holes in a school safety programs are our kids,” he said. “The number one way we find out about weapons in school is from kids who come forward and tell an adult they trust.”

“Kids are going to make dumb mistakes,” he added. “They come with some serious consequences that in decades past would have been treated a little bit differently.”

Trump agrees schools continue to be one of the safest places for kids. Though hardware can help, such as cameras and metal detectors, he maintains the “human” element is far more important.