Many of us think about the Metroparks in terms of the water, the beaches, or trails.

But there are other hidden gems that you may not know about.

At the intersection of Turney, Warner, and Broadway Avenue in the Garfield Reservation, you'll find one of the most calming places around. Mills Creek Falls, just 6 miles from Downtown Cleveland, is the tallest waterfall in Cuyahoga County. It stands at 48 feet and is more than 12 miles long.

It's actually taller than Chagrin Falls, but a bit more peaceful as it collects water from the area and takes it back to the river. Mills Creek Falls also connects you to the rest of Garfield Reservation via hiking trails, allowing you to bike or walk to get there.

If the sounds of nature aren't enough to bring you to the Metroparks, maybe the sounds of golf will do the trick. The second hidden gem takes you to the links and all of the golf courses, which are 'the fabric of the Metroparks' according to Golf Operations Director Sean McHugh. "It lends itself to a lot of people who may not be trail hikers and fishermen and things like that, who really enjoy the game or the sport of golf," he says.

There are 8 facilities managed by the Metroparks, three of them in the Rocky River Reservation. Big Met is probably the most well-known, but there are others around Northeast Ohio and because they're all public, anyone can enjoy a round.

The courses are also award-winning, with two ranked in Ohio's top 5 by Golf Week magazine.

After you've played a round, head over to the third hidden gem of the Metroparks, Merwin's Wharf.

It sits right on the river's edge in the West Bank of the Flats. Whether you're walking the dog, or celebrating a birthday, they can accommodate you.